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Colorful Abstract
Alex Hall

1. Contact

Step one is we gotta have a chat. Reach out using the Contact Form and let's have a beverage over Zoom to discuss your project, business needs, favorite TV shows, new recipes, whatever. All of these areas of interest give me a better idea of WHOM I am creating for and how I can represent YOU in the final product. 

2. Proposal

After our chat, I will get to werk on building a proposal based on your needs. In this proposal, I will provide three packages combining your needs with my expertise. From there, you will choose a package. Once chosen, I will send another one of these forms laying out the next steps, rounds of revisions, the quantity of check-ins/meetings, and what you can expect as we move along the project. Once you sign off on this second form, the real fun will begin. 

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Colorful Abstract

3. Mockups

I will begin immediately to get mockups in front of your eyes in a timely manner. I believe in transparency, so I will document the process for you, from start to finish (including drafts). Also, I understand that whatever you have trusted me to work on is most likely your let's document the growth and appreciate that together. 

4. Finale

Once I have presented the final revision to you and you are 100% satisfied with the results, I will then coordinate with you the handoff (this will all be laid out in the What's Next section of our second form as well). The handoff is when you get your file in high-resolution files, as well as any assets that may accompany it (fonts, images, etc). I'm an OCD Scorpio about my files so no worries here.  

Poison Ivy by Alex Hall
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Let's get in touch then! 

You're such a boss! Thanks for submitting! I'll be in touch shortly.

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