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Download Policy

The download policy is simple: don't steal anything. Do not download ANYTHING on this site with the intent of repurposing or selling. If you would like to download an asset for your own art please reach out using the Contact Form for licensing opportunities. You may share digital work on social networks by tagging @_hall_that on Instagram, @hall_that on TikTok and @WerkAHallic on Twitter.

Refund Policy

In my best efforts to highlight the importance of a ​sustainable lifestyle, I do not accept returns (waste not, want not). I believe you should only purchase things you truly love and see yourself spending a lifetime with. Product returns have a huge impact on the environment. Rest assured, printers and vendors of my merchandise have been vetted for quality assurance. I've designed and put lots of love into everything on this site for you to love just as much. Some circumstances are neither parties fault and can be

addressed by email using the Contact Form. 

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